Coming Events

There are events happening all the time at Dancing Colors. We will be adding a calendar in the near future to assist you in planning.

We do health and wellness presentation regularly here and around the southwest. Contact us for more information.

Dancing Colors Studio

Dancing Colors Studio shares a fertile meadow with the community gardens (Nectar Garden's) and the Growing Dome ("Manna Rose"). The studio is a 30' adobe octagon and is the genesis of the Hummingbird Arts Center. Sacred geometry and ceremony have been woven into its being since conception.

Dancing Colors Studio is dedicated to Art and Movement and has hosted numerous beautiful gatherings: Yoga, Tai Chi, 5 Rhythms Dance, drumming, gong journey's, New Moon Circles, Improvisational & Transformational Theatre, poetry readings, crystal and Tibetan bowls, Eurythmy, Choreocosmos, Solargon seminars, Awakening the Dreamer Youth Leadership Symposiums, numerous multi-media events, home schooling, singing, art workshops and more.

An intimate outdoor performance space was created along the west side of the studio in late 2008.

Creation of Dancing Colors Studio

Composed of adobes made from local earth, locally harvested and milled lumber. It is off grid using photovoltaic energy source, uses the Watson Wick system for gray water which support the raspberries and asparagus in the gardens and captures rain and snow melt for watering in the gardens and dome. Dancing Colors Studio primarily exemplifies sustainable building and living practices.

Local architect Nicholas Morrow and his collaborator Valian Roske alongside owner builders Michael and Ami were the core design and full-time building team. Andy Tafoya participated during the building process and has continued supporting our project in creating the landscaping, inner beds in the dome and our ponds. Andy will continue to support us in biodynamic gardening, flow form and kiln construction.

Michael and Ami are the artists-in-residence — partners in delectable, spirit and soul filled creativity.

The Dancing Colors meadow includes the aforementioned garden and 42' diameter geodesic greenhouse where organic practices are transitioning to the higher octave of Biodynamics. In the summer of 2009 (once the beds in the Manna Rose were completed ), ponds were created to collect rainwater and aceqia water for irrigation, for wildlife, beauty and to receive enlivened water from the flow forms, when the are created! Dancing Colors is a seed on Earth for the joy, beauty and creative love that already is alive in the warmth and radiance of Divine Creating Spiritual Beings.

We celebrate and liberate dance, drama, costume, sculpture, poetry, painting, music, song, eurythmy, choreocosmos and mystery plays. A home has been lovingly crafted for them that empowers and uplifts all who are in the vicinity — including those who do not bodily participate. Guests, retreatants, interns, work-study participants, program participants, dancers and artists are welcome.

You are warmly and freely welcomed as a unique, vibrant creative Being of body soul and spirit! Dancing Colors joyfully receives love offerings. The offerings directly contribute to her and our evolution.

Dancing Colors is a heart-centered arts center dedicated to Sophia, the Rose of the World — where people can know more of their joy, freedom, power and love.

Ami's son Austin is a part of one of the most popular videos on youtube. It is a public service commercial which has won the equivalent of an oscar for commercials and is both powerful and very moving. Watch it and let us know what you think.

Cultural Creatives

Please take some time to review the movie trailer at the link below. The cultural creative movement is growing rapidly and as members of that movement and supporters of a new way of life through Biodynamics, community, the arts and so much more we support getting the word out.