Dancing Colors Studio

Dancing Colors Studio is dedicated to art and movement. The 30’ adobe octagon is the seed on and in the Earth for an expanding full spectrum arts center. A home has been lovingly crafted for the arts that empowers and uplifts all who are in the vicinity – including those who do not bodily participate. Those who visit the studio are recalibrated by the ‘locus of creativity’ and the studio is mutually amplified by the presence of those who enter.

The studio shares a fertile meadow with a community garden and a geodesic greenhouse where organic practices have transformed to the octaves of Biodynamics and Homeodynamics. The studio and surrounding gardens exemplify regenerative building and living practices. The 3.5 acres of high altitude, high desert gardens, meadows and woodland that embrace Dancing Colors Studio is a beacon on Earth to both receive and transmit impulses for evolutionary art.

Ami Spangler Art

The move to Greenwich Village in late 1969 somersaulted Ami Spangler into New York’s flourishing jazz culture and emerging Feminist Art movement – each a fount of vivid, direct inspiration.

“Feminism and jazz had an intensity and potency that resonated with my own – and opened me to an awareness of gender, racial and economic injustice.”

The racial and gender unrest and disparities worked on her young soul. Art and music were ways for her to explore the conflicts in a way that is true for her – arising from a creative core oriented to justice, harmony and truth. Thus began a life-long exploration of microcosm and macrocosm and the visible and the invisible – both in spiritual dimensions and the mainstream cultural disregard for the artistic creations of women and their significance.

“I am a Holy Fool. I cherish life on precious planet Earth while knowing that I Am an exile from my true home, the New Earth. Freedom is the calling I respond to.”

To see and purchase Ami’s art visit amispangler.com.

Dancing Sophia Honeybee Sanctuary

Guided by the wisdom of the bees, guided by the wisdom of master beekeepers who bow in love to the bees, Dancing Colors Studio and the surrounding gardens, meadows and woodland have been dedicated as a bee sanctuary.

“As the bees weave pollen ribbons from the desert mesas and wind it through the world’s largest cottonwood forest sweeping through the bosque up to brush the alpine meadows and vegas, we stewards watch in fascination and express gratitude to this light and life giving choreography. The bees – as beings of light – come together and create greater incandescence by capturing sweet nectar’s. And we – also as beings of light – savor and revere the fruits of their efforts, their honey.” (By Melanie Kirby in ‘Queen of bees – Gathering Light’, Edible Santa Fe, summer 2015)

To learn more about our honeybee sanctuary visit dancingsophiabees.com.